Week 8

Wow. I can’t believe there are only two more weeks of my internship left. Although, after those two weeks I’m doing a three day bike ride, then a week long trip to Panama, so WFP won’t quite be done with me at the end of the next two weeks.
This week has really flown by. This week my focus was on well drilling research. I looked into the process of drilling a well, researched the water cycle and aquifers, and learned quite a bit about sustainable water use. I used this research to create a worksheet that we will use while we are in Panama at the end of August. We will use the questions I came up with from my research to gather information essential to determining if a well would be appropriate in a given village, and where in the village the well would best go. The sheet is now completed, and it will be used in conjunction with similar sheets, so we can collect all the necessary information from the villages we visit. The places WFP works are isolated for the most part, so getting information like population size, number of houses, village layout, school attendance rates, etc is extremely difficult when we’re not in the villages. Therefore, we have created a packet that contains all the questions we would like answered so we can accurately evaluate the villages for future water projects, and the impact of those projects.
I’m also trying to figure out the best way to get our testing kits to Panama. We have concerns with trying to transport the tests through the airlines, as we are worried that TSA or customs will confiscate them. Therefore, we’re looking for another way to get them to David. Luckily, the company we’re ordering the tests from has a distributor in Panama. I’ve been in contact with them (which is made a bit more difficult as I speak very very little spanish). It looks like they will be able to deliver the tests to David for us, so we will be able to pick them up once we’re in the country.
In the next two weeks I’ll be doing a lot of little projects to prepare for our end of the summer events.
The bike ride fundraising campaign is going excellently. We have raised $1,200 ($200 over our goal). I got a free crowd rise shirt because we achieved our fundraising goal!I’m going to pick up the biking tanks we designed/ ordered for the event later today.
We’ve still got a lot of planning to do to pull of our Carnival fundraiser at the end of August.
And of corse we’ve got a lot of prep work to do before we go to Panama. We’re going to be extremely busy, and traveling all over the country, so it’s going to be important everyone is on the same page as to what we want to accomplish.
I don’t really have any pictures from this week, as it’s just been me sitting in the office staring at a computer. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for the lack of pictures this week with a billion pictures from the bike ride, trip to Panama, and the Carnival Fundraiser.


Me, sitting at my desk. Basically, what I did all week.

Me, sitting at my desk. Basically, what I did all week.


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